I was curious to find out how people in wheelchairs were able to travel. Travel can be a great part of rehabilitation for many and that is necessary for someone in a wheelchair to do. Rehabilitation doesn’t have to be all physical therapy and wheelchair training.

Dispelling the Myth

Though I knew innately that people in wheelchairs could travel, I still didn’t know how. It seems like the travel would be good for rehabilitation and recovery. Yet it seems to me that people in the general public have an idea that travel is out of the question for those bound to wheelchairs.

I learned this cannot be further from the truth. It is true that additional planning will be required and, for many, it will require a companion. That companion can end up being a lot of fun to have around as a friend too.


I thought that the extra planning that would go into traveling with a wheelchair would be a nuisance. As it turns out, it is a way to learn new experiences. Many people get to experience new worlds opening up for them.

I found out that planning to go to museums is a great thing to do. It is a fantastic way to learn and educate one’s self whether it is in art or in history. This is the sort of thing that really expands the idle and bored mind very well.


Life is Still Fun

I learned that many people have a belief that the fun in life will end if they are in a wheelchair. As a matter of fact, that is also not true. Being in a wheelchair does not have to keep someone from enjoying life to the fullest.

For those who love to travel, it is important to remember that a wheelchair does not define a person. You should go out and travel still. It is important, however, to do a great deal of research on the places that you would like to go and the activities that would be best for your needs.

Travel Wheelchairs

One more thing I learned about travel rehabilitation for people in wheelchairs is that there are travel and lightweight wheelchairs available specifically for the purpose. It will need to be lightweight in order to be easy to transport.


The power wheelchair may not be so practical in this case but that is why you will have a companion with you to travel with. You can still have a great deal of mobility and fun as you wish to do.


You will definitely need to look into the type of transportation you will be using for the entire trip. Sure, the airplanes are all wheelchair accessible, but are the other modes of travel that you will need also accessible?

I learned that you should make sure that you have arranged for plenty of transportation accommodations.

Finally, you will want to be sure that the hotel you will be staying in is fully accessible to wheelchair users. The same is true for the places you want to visit.